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The most bad ass pointy bass ever!


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Is Mine!!!!


Truly amazing.

Fantastic neck profile (I went to great lengths with measurements and copies of curves with them to make sure it was right).

Freakishly comfortable on the strap.

Not heavey, but not too light.

Beautiful wood.

Phenomenal fit and finish.

Huge case.

Great sound.








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absolutely, totally crazy!

Quickly has shot to one of the top 3 HCBF basses....

if i had one complaint. and i do, is why woud they use those cheap closed back tuners on there?

The should have those fat retro Gotohs with the fat cog half uncovered!





Out of curiosity, what are your top 5?


I hope you included your own '64 P- if you still have it. :poke:


Perhaps Giddry's Jazz?


Crap, my Fender dork-dom is coming through again. Anyways.

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I don't know if this is something you want to broadcast on HC, but I'm curious as to what it
cost. I've never known anybody that ordered a new Alembic.



All done with the options I got and the discounts I got: $5800

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