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But why did they have to ruin it by

It's vegetarian. What The Eff?? What tofu muncher is actually going to
to eat that? Just dumb.


Actually... I like to put hickory bacon salt (delicious delicious, and vegan, from the same company) on tempeh and fry it in olive oil until it's all crispy, then I put it on toasted bread with vegenaise (a vegan mayo that's really really good) and some spinach and tomatos, plus a little jalapeno hot sauce.


Words cannot describe how tasty that is. :love:


Bacon salt is also great in black beans and split pea soup.


I will confess to putting it on toast with peanut butter a couple times. :o

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I actually like PB and jalapeno sandwiches too. Those would be an ideal candidate for bacon salt.



I think you should stick with your first idea. :lol: It would be like pork peanut satay on a bun. I think I'm going to have to try this over the weekend. :love:

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