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there's obviously way too many, but i'm a big rig guy....


Thing is, it really depends on a number of conditions. The room, the bass, the atmospheric conditions...


I would tend to lean towards a good solid state amp as it is easier to dial in to differing circumstances, although a fat tube head can't be beat when all factors combine to create a perfect environment.


I honestly feel i am at a point where i can sopund like myself through just about any rig i play.


my last mondo-rig, SWR Mo' Bass, Goliath III and Big Bertha had everything i need.


Here's a breakdown of what i tend to like:


Basses: i generally like basses that fall in the $900-1100 price point. Fender USA or Musicman you can't really go wrong with. {censored} that SX {censored} or any other low end bass. I happened to really like a Gibson Thunderbird although that might not be for everyone. As far as i'm concerned you can't really overlook the psychological impact of a name brand. It sounds stupid, but fact is everyone feels the same way. That is why, although i love Peavey stuff i think there is a psychological barrier for many players to rock a Peavey.


Amps: I have always loved SWR amps. So versatile and quality is almost peerless. Again, i won't go to boutique, but i will spend for quality. I don't really like HiFi amps like an EA or a lot of those european amp builders. I will always rock a GK. I am not a big fan of hybrid amps where the "hybridity" is the big sell (think Mesa M-Pulse).


Cabs: I like pretty much any quality 4x10 but i love SWR


FX: i am a freak for FX and i will try anything in any price range as long as it fits the bill.


The best rig i ever rocked was a 70s Ampeg SVT through an 8x10 with a MM Sterling. A rig i would never own, but it was insane.

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