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Alan Holdsworth trio tonight in Palatine IL


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The Alan Holdsworth trio is appearing tonight at Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL for you Chicago formites who dig wicked fusion.


Alan Holdsworth - guitars

Ernest Tibbs - bass

Chad Wackerman - drums


Show starts at 7:00pm. 20 bucks at the door. Same time tomorrow. I'll be at both.


T. Alan, the master of many bass sounds, would certainly dig Alan's experimental side. The virtuosity of this band is breathtaking.




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First night was good but lacked some energy at times. There were folding chairs all over the main floor, which I didn't like, and the sound wasn't quite as full and clear as I like it.

Second night burned with all the fury of a California brush fire! Sound was much more dynamic and the players seemed to play with more confidence and power. Tibbs sounded great with his 6-string Yamaha(?) bass through an Eden 410 half-stack. Chad and Alan showed they are as good as anybody at this sort of fusion jazz/rock. Wicked!!

Oh yeah, the first night there was a big line out front so I walked into the little pub next door and guess who comes walking in? Alan Holdsworth THE MAN! He was with a friend of his who was a music theory teacher from DePaul (I think). I bought them a round of drinks and they were very friendly.

So cool.

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