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Bands whose bassist uses a 5 string bass?


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Don't know why these two were the first to pop into my mind. Probably just because I've seen them both live quite a few times:



These guys switched bass-player a few years back though and went four-string bass. Most of the songs on their are by the old bass-player.



Usually when I've seen these guys the bass-player played a 5 string Fender Roscoe Beck signature bass.

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Slipknot (Actually strung BEAD most of the time but, use it alot)


Five Finger Death Punch


I know alot of Metal Bands use them and a few alternative bands for sure. Also I think a few punk bands do too.

I think that more pop bands/solo artists today are getting into the fray (NOT the BAND) by employing bassists with five strings.

Personsaly I think metal is the birth place of the five string in popular music.

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