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Some fun classic rock songs to learn on bass?

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Good Lovin'

Magic Carpet Ride and Born to Be Wild

Stuck in the Middle

Rain and Paperback Writer

Whole Lotta Love

just about any Talking Heads song; Tina Weymouth is the very definition of simple but effective (in a wholly positive way)

Jet Airliner

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Get the Bass Tab White Pages book. If you don't read tab, learn, it's pretty simple. It has many classic rock songs, most of the ones mentioned above. Some are dead simple, and some are more complicated, but they are all doable with some time and practice. "Green Eyed Lady" sounds really good on the bass parts. "Miss You" by the Stones is impressive but simple.

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Some if the ones that you posted would not be considered "easy" either.


True, but are they anywhere close to The Real Me? Rain and Carpet Ride aren't easy, but they're easy compared to The Real Me. I still don't think Mike Gordon played The Real Me very well, and he's one of my favorite bassists.

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subscribing cause I had the same question.

I'm a beginner too and I tell you what, I've had SO much fun learning ZZ Top

"Waitin' for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago"



That's an ass-kicker!


I'd add a ton!

Anything Santana

anything ZZ

... Deep Purple

... Beatles

... Cream

... Zep

... ...


Just go nuts!

A lot of them will be beyond your grasp at first. Don't let that intimidate you. Sure, a lot are ballbusters. But a lot are easier than you think, and you don't know until you try. So, pick songs you like. Learn them pieces at a time. Don't get discouraged. And DO NOT WORRY about playing every single note exactly as XYZ did. Who cares? Enjoy, fit the mood and the tempo, and make do. And most important, enjoy!

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