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$120 CL MIM P Bass

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Hi Folks,


I picked up a 2000 MIM P bass with a stripped

out truss rod yesterday off CL.




It has almost no scratches or dings. I put a jazz

neck on it and installed Duncan SPB-3 pups,

along with new pots and some wiring,










It is a very nice MIM Plus now. I am lovin the




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tabdog, I saw that one on CL. Wondered

why it was so cheap. Great looking bass.


It was kind of funny.


He didn't tell me it had a stripped out truss rod.

I looked it over and when I saw the truss rod, I

told him and said I wouldn't pay more than $120.


I got the truss rod adjusted with a screw driver.

I have it on another bass bod with the MIM pup.



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Nice! I love p bodies w/ jazz necks...


Same here, it's a combo made in heaven for smallish hands guys like me who don't care for Jazz electronics all that much.


I had a Mexi P Bass body the same blue color and wish I had held onto it...nice going, Tab.

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