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The ONE Rate MY Band Name Thread


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I need some help! We are a rock band that has crossed into doing mostly country. We are starting to get some recognition in the area and have opened for a couple of national acts.


The Band name was Get The Cat and we felt that that may be a little over the top for country as the audience is usually a little more conservative.


We have started billing ourselves as Roy David Scott and the get the cat band, planning on dropping and the get the cat band when we feel the old fans started recognizing Roy David Scott.


I am starting to feel like we have made a big mistake and at this point I think it would be easy enough to drop the RDS and go back to get the cat. Our Singer does not agree.


Please help settle this aguement by giving any thoughts you may have

Thanks in advance :wave:

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16 hours ago, Kramerguy said:

We're renaming right now and here's the frontrunners:

The Effin Band


Crowd Sourcers

Side Effects


The guys chose one of them- Side Effects, which is the one I least care for, lol.  What do you guys think?

I kinda like all of them. Faceplant is my favorite for some reason.

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