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Milwaukee and northern suburbs?


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Anything going on out here worth discussing? I just moved to the area, and I'm trying to find out if there's a guitar/rock/metal scene of any real strength in the area. Clips from my old band in Baltimore can be seen/heard at


I am in Waukesha and have somewhat of a feel for the scene...by northern suburbs do you mean Brown Deer/Port Washington'ish? I know next to nothing about that area...sowwy.


For originals, it's fairly bleak. Not many places cater to the original crowd but there is Vnuks in Cudahy, Cactus Club in Milwaukee and...not sure if the Rock Shop is still around but that's in West Allis. The old Main Stage (now Klub Kaboom) is still doing original bands but that place is always a ghost town.


Check out milwaukeerocks com and onmilwaukee.com


And of course Milwaukee is not called the "City of Festivals" for nothing, the summer months have these things all over the freaking place, although the bigger ones like Summerfest are a huge PITA to even get a gig unless you have connections.

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to say the originals scene is bleak is, well, a bleak statement. on the radio, you can listen to 91.7wmse for just about any music you can think of, the metal show is on wed night at 9pm. 88.9 plays locals and 102.1 has a local show on sunday nights i believe. i prefer 91.7 out of all of them.


venues, let's see...

the rock shop burned down like 5 years ago. so that ain't happening, but that would have been your place man. definitely.


shawn's south used to be a great dive for metal and hard rock. i believe shawn through in the towel before the summer started, but if you look up their myspace page, you could probably use that as a portal to find the music you're looking for in this town.


oh, and my reccomendation would be to look up "{censored} outta luck", probably right up your alley.


welcome to milwaukee!

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By north burbs, do you mean Glendale, Fox Popint, River Hills? If so, man, there's nothing there at all. I moved from Milwaukee to Madison about 10 years ago because the local original scene was so dead.


The Rock Shop was a great venue, I played there alot - after it burned down DJ B went on to run Heartbreakers, but my understanding is that West Allis won't let them host live acts anymore.


Here's some more for ya:

Vnuk's - Cudahay: great PA, great staff, but the owners a lil anal about his floors.

Club ? : 5th and National, just south of Marquette Interchange. Awesome for metal and industrial - and the staff, especially, the booker - Tanya, is awesome.

Mad Planet - more aimed at electronica and industrial than metal, might not even be hosting shows anymore, but I've played it.

The Rave - national hall, also hosts local shows, usually pay to play, consider yerself warned.


I don't know if they're still around or not, but the BBC over by Farwell and North used to have bands alot - right next to campus, so it's a bit of a meat market, but shows are well attended.


Hope that helps ya out some.


Peace and Groove,

The Thump

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whoa thats out there. i believe cedarburg just had there annual strawberry pickin' festival:) thats about all you'll get out there.


there's a place called pillars in west bend though, has local originals, never been there though.


mad planet will host whatever, not just industrial/electronica. i have some friends who are playing there this month, and they're a rustic, neil young/bob dylan type of band. beware of friday nights though, 80's dance party:(


+5 on the vnuk's guy being crazy about his floors. he books some pretty decent stoner rock/prog shows there so i'll laugh it off.


pretty amazed by what people are saying about milwaukee's scene. either people aren't really looking, or i'm completely missing something.

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