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Sorrowful Angels has made the "Omens" EP available as a free download.


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Sorrowful Angels has made the "Omens" EP available as a free download. You can get the tracks at this location.





NOTE: You may need to copy the link directly to your browser as some people have reported issues when clicking directly.



The band also commented:


"Dear friends, this is a sample of our upcoming album, called 'Omens.' We are truly excited on the final output so we couldn't wait and had to share a couple of tunes with you. 'Mistress of Desire' and 'Unspeakable Cult' are 2 tracks taken from the 'Omens' album which is due to be released and we are pleased to include in this EP.


"You will notice that there's also two covers included. 'Mourn' is a track by the Norwegian band Apoptygma Berzerk, which we decided to record after holding a stable position in our live play lists for so long.


"As an extra bonus, there's a cover we did on the Swedish electro band - Code 64 'Deviant,' which will be included on their Deviant single EP. You can always share your thoughts and opinions on our official website, myspace, facebook and twitter. Just a final word to all of you, is a big THANK YOU for supporting us all this time and to assure you that there's much more to come..."

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