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A musical project that I have been involved in...

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Hi everyone,


I know I don't post here often, but I read this forum from time to time and I'm always interested in opinions of fellow musicians from all over, so here goes.


There's a project I'm working on with one other person. I'm the bass player, and my partner in this project is the guitar player and vocalist. Our drums are tracked using EZDrummer as we don't yet have a drummer. We named our musical project Zeal, and we're writing some heavy metal music. We take our influences from classic metal, speed metal, power metal, progressive metal,thrash metal, black metal and death metal. The idea of this project is to create what we believe is some excellent music using elements from these subgenres, put 3-4 songs together and and attract a drummer and 2nd guitarist, possibly a keyboardist, write more music, work towards playing live and towards recording an album.


I would like to show you 2 songs that we have been working on and get your opinions, especially from the metal afficionado's in this forum. Here they are:




Don't mind if the Myspace site looks bare, I'm only interested in feedback on our songs, good or bad. Either way is fine with us, because that's how we find out about our strengths and weaknesses. Let me know what you think.



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