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need help making facebook band page

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i have a myspace band page but of course it has gone stagnant, no activity at all lately. i created a facebook band page but i'm not even sure its active yet; the url is just a string of strange numbers and it says i need 25 fans for a url.


i'm totally noob to facebook, and it has a settings tab which asks for my username but when i change it to my real name nothing happens. i even verified with a text on my cell phone but this box remains blank.


faceboook keeps telling me to add a like button but i dont understand at all; is the code to be added to a non facebook page?


how do i get 25 fans if i dont have a url?


is my settings page some type of bug that is really for some type of personal page (that i dont have?)


so far, nothing at all has happened on my facebook band page. i have 3 likes but i suspect they are not real people.


also, i looked into adding music to the page but it sems like a bunch of dead ends. i see other bands have got it to work but i dont understand yet.


is facebook really this hard, or is it just alien to me?

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