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Anyone play suite judy blue eyes?

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We're learning it....in my metal (old and new rock) cover band!


We had I think the best practice ever tonite working out the harmonies( I do the high part). Helped huge by our lead singer who is a friggin' genius with harmonies( I sing lead too but this guy is great).


Fun stuff. When the harmonies fit tight it's a beautiful thing.


Ever try it?

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Yup, did it several years running with an acoustic trio, then band, then acoustic trio. Always one of the most fun & well received tunes on our list.


Pulled it out as a requested sing-along with the duo a few months back. Went over ok.


Nothing beats doing it with proper harmonies though.

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Are you doing the EEEEBe tuning?


I just asked my bass player/vocalist about the tuning.(He worked the song out on his old acoustic) He said the Woodstock and most live performances they played it in D?


So he tunes to DDDDAD.


Sounded pretty good for the vocals last nite. I have the high harm, so maybe this is a blessing.


Now I need to figure out my guitar part.


And get those harmonies down cold. If they are a little out....ouch!


BTW, we play rock and metal and inbetween so this is a big departure.


But just think how much better our harmonies on easier songs will be when we can do this!

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