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Studio/rekkid update w/usual gratutious pics

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So a couple weeks ago we (Crash Pad) went into Goldentone Studios here in GNV with my old pal Rob McGregor engineering. I've known Rob for like 20 years now, here's a pic of him (on left) playing with his band Grain, and I (middle) and another mutual friend singing backing, at one of my annual "birthday gig" shows a few years back:




Rob's recorded all the big punk/indie GNV bands, like Hot Water Music, Less Than Jake, Against Me, etc.


Somehow or other an indie "label" (really just one guy) got interested in Crash Pad and is actually PAYING for studio time, mastering, and production costs for an upcoming release. It's kinda crazy.


So this has some "guitar/gear content," I've ended up using my Super Champ XD for all my guitar tracks on the upcoming Crash Pad record (and yes, it's actually gonna be a vinyl record). Only by accident. The vintage 60's Sunn 200S 60W head I'd brought for my rhythm guitarist ended up being used by my bassist when the engineer did not want to go DI w/the bass, so my rhythm guitarist used my Sovtek MiG 50H (that is my Crash Pad live rig and what I'd intended on using), and I ended up with the SCXD by default (I'd brought it as a backup).


Crazy how good that little bugger sounds. I pretty much live on Voice 7 (Vox) for overdrive.


For guitars I've mostly used my Les Paul Classic, with a Fender Telecaster Special on one song. Rhythm guitarist has been a using his Gibson SG, bassist either my Epi Thunderbird or his that he just brought.


We've got four songs basically done prior to yesterday, except final mix.


Was in the studio all day yesterday, did the final mix on one song, "Pink Slip Rick," and rhythm tracks for an additional SIX songs. And our patron/"record label president"/A&R guy bought us all (band+1 gf+ engineer) dinner!


Plus we got some more studio shots and band group shots out on the studio porch steps:
















And yes, our drummer is somewhat mentally challenged. ;)


Your comments, whether on my poseritude or otherwise, are heartily encouraged, as always.

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I didn't see anyone playing that Roland Fantom X8, what a shame to leave the coolest piece of gear in the studio unattended!



Our bassist used it to add some faux cello/contrabass to a track later, but I doubt we'll use it. We're a punk rock and roll band. There's a WAY cooler piece of gear in there than that though, even if you discount all the vintage Marshalls there (which I would never do)-- a Hammond organ. We used that on one song, and will keep that track.

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Drummer's Cheap Trick sweatshirt ==


Bruce used to be Bun E's drum tech long ago, back in the day. He got me an interview with Bun E. back when I wrote for regional music magazine Ink 19:




Bruce's kit is a prototype for the Bun E. Carlos limited edition signature kit, so he got a drum head sorta patterned as an homage to Bun E's Trick logo drum head:




My dream would be to have Cheap Trick play the Hard Rock in Orlando and us be able to open for them.

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Brian, I've been reading your posts here for years. It's seriously cool that you've been able to keep the band together all this time and that you have this opportunity. Can't wait to hear a track or two when it comes out


Thanks, that's sweet of you to say. These guys really deserve it, my kid rhythm guitarist has been in the band 5 years and he's finally getting to record, whereas on the opposite side of the spectrum our new bassist Joel joined last year, played one show, and then had to sit and wait 6+ months (as indeed they all did) for me to go through throat surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments, before we could gig again.


No need for you to wait until the rekkid actually comes out to hear it, we have 4 songs available to be listened to, even though they're still unreleased and not yet mastered. Still a little boomy on the low end.


This one has been mixed to final (though not mastered):




These three are quick mixes that are in the ballpark of how they will sound, but not final mixes (also unmastered):








Listen if you dare! Enjoy if you can! Be advised, my "singing" is basically in Johnny Rotten/Iggy Pop/Tom Waits/Jello Biafra territory and for non-punk fans would be an acquired taste at best, and more likely filed under "difficult listening."


That said, any comments on the songs are welcome too. I'm a big boy and can take it. ;)

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