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Multi-gig/weekend report (w/pics, of course)

Brian Krashpad

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So, another crazy music weekend for Krash. Thursday the main band, Crash Pad, did its rock and roll thang back at the same club at which we'd played the hospital toys benefit the preceding Friday. Instead of closing, we got to open, which was good, since we got a sound check when opening, that later bands don't get. The sound was better than the preceding show, although the energy level wasn't quite so high. Our "record company" guy came out again and video'd, though he hasn't gotten any stills to me, yet. I popped to get the house video (they have their own hardwired system there) for a tenner, so I have made some vidcaps from that video footage, although the quality looks like a crappy cell phone. The audio came out really good, though. Hopefully I can figure out how to break the video into discrete songs (the house DVD just breaks the recording into 10-minute programs without any reference to where songs end); if I can I'll upload some to youtube.


Friday took a brief break to go to work (haha), and as it turned out while at the office we got a call back from some political group about our song 'Pink Slip Rick' (about the FL governor). They're going to produce a music video of the song with their political/news footage, interspersed with live video of Crash Pad! And we might be going up to the state capital to do a live performance! Street theater! High profile! Crazy.


Saturday had more rockin to do. That morning I had First Things First practice at church. Came home and trimmed the tree with the missus during the afternoon, then went to the office for a Pedagogy (side pop band) practice, since we hadn't practiced since our last show. Got there and my book and music stand weren't there, let the others set up while I went back to Casa Krashpad, still couldn't find 'em, finally figured out they were in the SUV that daughter had taken... to the Mall! Ugh, so drove through pre-Christmas mall traffic, got the stand and book, then back to the office and a bit of practice.


Packed up and went BACK to the SAME venue (3rd time in 8 days, ha!) and did a Pedagogy show. Absolutely NO ONE there, but our drummer's gf and the other 2 bands. Gave the gf my camera, and she forgot to take any pics. Surprisingly no train wrecks on actually playing the songs, although in the mid slot we didn't get a soundcheck and I had probs equalizing my clean and dirty sounds (a prob that doesn't exist in Crash Pad, haha).


So anyhow, a side band show SAT but no pics. Poo.


Sunday did late service at church, grabbed lunch and then back to Goldentone Studios for 9.5 HOURS to do the final mixes on all ten songs on the Crash Pad record. Finally finished at 10:30 last night. Yee-haw! Now the songs are off to mastering for 8-10 weeks.


Here's some crappy vidcaps from TH night:








Will post more pix as able later. All questions answered, and your comments, on my poseritude or otherwise, gladly solicited.

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So is this a father son band? Can't help but notice the significant age difference between guitar 1/drummer and guitar 2/bassist.


Haha, no.


We're just not ageists. Rock and roll at this point is a multi-generational genre. It's a good solid 60+ years old!


And punk rock in particular has always refused to follow the same rules as other forms of popular music. :thu: At various points this band has had various genders and "races" in its membership, so there's no reason it shouldn't have both old and young.


Some of us oldsters are still pretty spry. :thu:




As far as father-son bands go, my son is only 14, so he's still a smidge young to be in a band that plays bars anyhow, if only because there might be a problem getting him in and/or having him stay out on school nights. I do go skateboarding with him though.




I have been in a different band with my daughter. :thu:




As it turns out, when she went away to college, the bass slot in that band was taken by someone closer to my age, so now that band has two oldsters and two youngsters too.




Maybe it's a Gainesville thing? :confused::D

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Hmmm.....G&S board, Stoker wheels and Bennett HI-Jacker trucks?

And an Aqua East (Jax Beach) sticker?

(Uh, what was this post about?)


Stick is a G&S Stacy Peralta Warptail, Bennett trucks, Sims Pure Juice wheels. You from Rat Town?


I'm in Gainesville now. We have a nice small park but I don't have much time to get over there.





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