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Fun gig last night

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I've read a few comments here about corporate parties being a drag to play and yeah...we've had a couple of those too, but last night was a welcome exception:


1,500 guests in a giant hotel ballroom. 60s/Woodstock themed party so most of the people came in costume. (We dressed up as well.) Excellent lights and sound provided (big thumping QSC PA system with time-delayed cabinets going back across the room; giant video screen behind us displaying hippie-type images; even a confetti cannon) so all we had to do was show up with our stage gear. Nights like this aren't even work. One of those where EVERY song worked and the crowd was ready to party from start to finish.


Only two hiccups: The guitarist's brand new little Egnator combo amp blew up at the end of the 2nd set (thank God for warranties!), so he had to play the last set straight out of his pedal-board into the PA, and Amy showed up with a hoarse-throat that she pretty-much completely blew out by the end of the first set. But she still looked great ;)


And I guess that's one of the advantages of having two girls up front--if one goes down, we have a back-up :lol:


It always seems, however, that it's the big gigs where nobody is around to help with video/pics. I took a bit of video, so I'll have a couple of decent stills for the website, but not nearly what I SHOULD have. Lesson learned: I've got to do better about making sure video and pics are planned and taken care of. No more just hoping someone will be there to run the camera.









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I love the stage lighting in that first pic.

It looks like it was alot of fun to play!



Yeah, the light and sound guys did a good job. There was supposed to be half of an actual VW bus onstage with us a prop but when we got there the stage guys said they decided not use it because "it didn't work". Not sure exactly what that meant.


That's OK. I wasn't really looking forward to sharing the stage with a car anyway.

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