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Reading the 2012 spring radio tour / 2012 summer tour journal thread

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which is a great thread by the way, made me curious as to how much bands make playing fairs, festivals, etc.


I know how much bands make playing bars/small clubs cause, well, that's what my bands do and I have friends who are in bands that play the "big rooms" or nicer clubs, so kinda know what that pays. As I'm probably never gonna play the festival circuit, just curious what those gigs pay.


I'm sure it's all over the place, depending on the size of the fair or festival, whether your band is local, regional, national/international.... I realize a local band playing The Wild Mongolian Goat Seduction Festival in Podunk will make near nothing compared to Metallica playing Rock am Ring... and really I'm more interested in the bands in the middle.


Oh well, just curious, wondered if anyone had a clue.

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