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So I sat in with Blues Traveler...

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A week ago, I got to sit in with my favorite band and harp player of all time.  Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me get a music project started locally.  I used to gig in the Twin Cities (2003-2010), but I live an hour south and have a different job and family.  


My kingdom for a band!  I am literally up for ANYTHING and can sing, but this area SUCKS!  My dream would be to form a jam based cover band...sorta like Blues Traveler, but all popular rock.  Just thought I'd share the above as it is all I have going on right now, lol.


John Popper was quite disappointed I wasn't in a band, ha!  The vid makes it look smaller, but there was about 2,000 people there...FANTASTIC venue with terrific sound.  Very fun!

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