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Is your solo gig pedal board bigger than a band?


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Can't say if the dude took breaks because I left. It was all electric - a dude with a guitar (with locking vibrato) and a looper.


Here is my general observation - any type of non-popular music (meaning non-standard, different music) is going to need to cater to a different crowd. There are plenty of bars around here (most) who would not hire a non-popular music act, because their customers want to hear "Mustang Sally" and the like. Playing fusion, or jazz, or progressive, or what have you means that you have to play certain venues that attract certain people.


I think that for music that is instrumental and features the guitar heavily, the average fan of that is... probably a guitar player. And if they're not a guitar player, they're probably a musician of some type.


There are exceptions to everything I just said, of course.


I think that whether his solos were "dull" or not, I did not want to listen to someone "express themselves" on their instrument nonstop all night. That is just my opinion, but it is shared by most people. Instrumental music has a much smaller audience than vocal music because most people want singing in their music. This doesn't make it right or wrong, merely an observation.

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