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Going Solo/Duo Options


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Over the years I've played some solo/duo/acoustic shows sporadically throughout my schedule, but I've never really gigged purposefully by myself or with a partner. I'm really thinking about it now, though.


I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist but can get by playing the riffs and some solos.


I feel I have 3 or 4 options to approach this, with both pros and cons to each.


Hope y'all will help me out with your opinions on each:


1. Solo acoustic w/ looper:

Pros) Simple set-up. Don't have to rely on anyone else.

Cons) I've never used a looper so it might not be that easy of an adjustment to get to anything other than rhythm playing / No harmonies / I get bored out of my mind listening to myself sing and just play rhythm


2. Solo acoustic w/ "acoustic" backing tracks [Drums/Bass/Rhyth. Acoustic/Piano/Etc]:

Pros) I could run a click/guide track in my ears, which I prefer, and add in Ac. Rhythm while I solo, plus add secondary guitar parts and my own backing vocals to the mix while I'm strumming / I won't get as bored playing / Will give the feel of a bigger mix while still being acoustic based

Cons) I'd still be using tracks


3. Solo electric w/ "full band" backing tracks:

Pros) It would be easier to just play the parts on electric and I could leave all the tracks in the mix while still running my click/guide

Cons) I start to fill this is where I'm crossing the line in regard to noise level, and visually it might not look right with me standing up there holding an electric guitar and not rocking out with a full band


4. Duo acoustic or w/ "acoustic" backing tracks:

Pros) The guitars would almost always be covered and I'd have harmonies

Cons) Reliability of the 2nd person / Cost of the 2nd person / and Compromising to 2nd person


Thoughts, advice, warnings, etc. about which approach to going Solo/Duo I should take?

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