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Who do you check out on You Tube?

steve mac

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If I am looking for ideas for new songs almost always the first thing I do now is go onto Utube and see if it has been covered by one of three people








Occasionally Boyce Avenue as well but really although I like them the songs wouldn't work for either me or my crowd.


All of the above have their own " take" on the songs, do the sort of tunes I perform, saves me working out if a song will transfer to a single acoustic guitar well. Some even offer quick tutorials, although most are easy enough to work out once seen.

The biggest plus for me though is they all seem to come up with ideas for songs I wouldn't have considered. For example yesterday I was browsing through The Walrus Was Danny and came across him doing Everything by Buble sounded great, easy to play and I would never have thought of it. Watched it a couple of times and can now play it, just need to learn the lyrics ( the hardest part for me) and its in. .


I am guessing others use Utube this way, anyone care to share other similar channels on there worth a view?

I have to say this Internet thing has loads of good stuff on when you stop

looking at porn.

Cheers Steve

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Kirby definitely has an extensive list. I've been going through his website lately looking for ideas.


Boyce Avenue annoys me. People gush all over them because of how great they sound doing these "live" acoustic tunes, when it's very obvious they are heavily produced studio tracks and they shoot the video later. Dude is talented, though!


I don't usually look for anyone in particular, rather I just do searches for the song. If Kirby or Boyce has done a version, I always check their version out, though.


I've checked out this dude's stuff quite a bit over the years:


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