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Brag time - starting our 6th season at the same place!!!


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This Tuesday we return to a marina for a weekly Tuesday afternoon gig. It's our 6th season. 

We take a couple of months off in the summer because the gig is outdoors and summer is the rainy season, plus Tuesday PM gig is for retired people, and most of them go 'up north' in the summer.

The marina is a deli, convenience store, bait shop, and a historic building. The birthplace of the US Navy SEALS and at one time the Guard House. It's been destroyed by hurricanes and put back the same way that it was. Each year the SEALS come down and some of them leave souvenirs on the wall. 

The season will start slow, and by the end of November through a little after Easter there will be no seating available and people will bring lawn chairs and sit on the 'beach' in front of the building. It's on a lagoon and a state park is across the water.

It's our most fun gig because we can play just about anything. There isn't a dance floor, so it's more like a concert (but informal) and we can do rock, blues country, Caribbean, Latin American, light jazz, disco, or pretty much anything else.

Plus there is a core of a dozen or two regulars and a number of semi-regulars that also know us from our other gigs. We interact with the audience and instead of being 'fans', they seem like family. We celebrated both of our birthdays there, mourn those who have passed away, celebrate silly holidays that I find on the net, have the audience sing along on certain songs (we call them the Mormon Bait And Tacke Choir), and most of all we just have fun.

I feel lucky to have the gig, and appreciate each and every person who comes to share a litte time with us on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Looking forward to going back this coming Tuesday.

If interested, you can see some candid pictures of Leilani and I playing there at: this page



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steve mac wrote:


Congratulations dude, is this the venue in Florida? If so would you mind getting it for the next four years as well because I am due there then and would love to come and see you. Seriously well done.




Cheers Steve


It's in Fort PIerce Florida, and we'll play that gig as long as they will have us.

RIght now that looks good.

The season starts slow, we'll be lucky to get a dozen at a time in October, but the owners understand that it is important to get the early arrives from "up north" back in the habit of coming. By January through March people will bring lawn chairs because there isn't enough seating. Being on the water, there is a "beach" in the direction we face and that's a nice place to sit if you bring a lawn chair.

We pretty much call the shots there. If the weather is bad, we make the decision to play or call it off. Of course both the band and the owners are disappointed on those bad weather days, but we both know the people aren't going to sit there in a thunderstorm anyway.

We have a deal, when the weather prevents us from playing, we don't get paid. And the pay is weird there anyway. During the slow shoulder season we make less than we normally would, but during the height of the season we make more. In the long run it balances out. But it's worth it to work with the owners as long as you have owners like this who work back with you.

The building is historic, and the owners (who actually lease it from the city) would like to make some changes at their own expense to allow it to work in stormy weather, but the building is sacred ground to the Navy SEALS so the city is very reluctant to make any changes.

Playing there is like stepping back in time. Nothing about the building or marina looks modern. The improvements in plumbing and electricity have been installed, but it still looks funky. 

Here is a little "poem" I included in our last newsletter:

Sophisticats at Little Jims -- we're starting our 6th year!!!

There'll be great food and pop and wine -- plus inexpensive beer


With water, boats, and fresh sea breezes -- the park's across the way

As long as there isn't inclement weather -- we'll have a fun-filled day


Nature always is a factor -- we hope it doesn't rain

October 15 is the date -- we plan to start again


We'll playa lot of favorite songs -- and have a bunch of fun

So help us spread the word around -- yes please tell everyone


We missed our friends the past few months -- we hope you missed us too

So come on out to party with us -- and bring a friend or two


We'll be there weekly on Tuesdays -- as long as the weather's fine

 From 2 till 5 all afternoon -- we'll have a wonderful time

I suspect we'll lose a few dates this year due to rain, but winter is the dry season in Florida.


And I'm truly looking forward to seeing, talking with, and joking with the regulars that we haven't seen all summer long. It's been a long summer. The rainy season came early this year so we lost about a month of performing.

The season is coming, we are getting more work, and when a musician is working, all is good!



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