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Patches to Zoom 9150 Valve DSP

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Hello guys!


I've configured a patch that's pretty close to Yngwie's sound using the following preamp settings:


Effect: Ovdrv1

Comp: 2

Ext1: off

Color: 2

Gain: 11

Turbo: on

Tone: +3

ZNR: 12

RTM Dest: off


You must set the input knob in a way the 'clip level' led barely lights on.


I'm also searching for the tones of these guys:


- John Sykes on "Is this love"

- Steve Vai on "For the love of God";

- George Lynch generic;

- Gary Moore on "Still got the blues";

- Steve Lukather (Toto) on "After You've Gone"


Can anyone help me? :]




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