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Time for Another 'Post Your Rack' Thread...

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Girlie?! I'm insulted. My rack is powerful but compact, :p effective simplicity defined.


Furman AR-1217 voltage regulator

Mesa/Boogie Triaxis 2.0 phat modded

Eventide GTR4000 w/ 172 sec. internal sampler

Mesa/Boogie Strategy 500 Stereo (can NOT be girlie in any way)


So, yeah, that's what I use. Along with that I have a B.C. Rich Warlock standard as my main guitar, occasionally use an old DOD Corrosion pedal when I want more abrasive solid state distortion and Monster 500 rock & jazz cables throughout.


The speaker cabinet is a gutted Crate GS412S with the original drivers replaced with Celestion G12H-80 speakers, the wiring replaced with Monster "New" raw speaker cable and the casters replaced with industrial 4" casters. That runs in stereo, of course.

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Here you go:


(6 Space Rack)

Samson SR-2 Wireless (Yeah I know its a cheap model)

ADA MP-1 Stock

ADA MP-1 Modded

ADA MQ-1 Programmable EQ

Rocktron Intellifex


(Home made 4 space case)

Peavey Classic 60/60


Going to add a BBE maximizer and a switching device so i can switch between the 2 preamps when I need to. Also maybe a small tuner and just rack it on a face plate.


Will get pictures later on hopfully.




Duke of Metal

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VHT GP3 -> G-major -> Mesa 50/50


I might eventually be adding a power conditioner.. I'll also be picking up a POD XT PRO in a couple of weeks that I might swap in and out of my rack but it's more for bringing to friends places and when I go back home for 3 months every year.


There's also a tiny pedalboard with that


Teese Wizard wah -> Axess GRX4 (with Roccaforte Bastard pedal in the loop)


Everything controlled my an Axess MFC5

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I'll play along, plus I need a break from breating in solder fumes...


CAE RS 10EX controls...


Rocktron Chameleon to EDP

Mesa Maverick head to 8ohm Hotplate


Axess Electronics RX1

L1 Tuner/Mute

L2 Deja Vibe

L3 Emma Discombobulator

L4 Zvex SHO

L5 Roger Mayer Voodoo Bass

L6 Landgraff Sho-Buzz

L7 Zvex Machine

L8 Zvex Fuzz Factory

L9 Zvex Octane 3

L10 RX Experience Pedal (thanks Ian)


DMC System Mix Plus

Lexicon PCM 81

Lexicon PCM 91

Eventide DSP 7000


VHT 252


2 Marshall 1960 Slant Cabs w/various speakers


All packed into 2 4sp SKBs and 1 6 sp SKB.

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Originally posted by Zeromus-X


Korg DTR-2000

2-Space Rack Drawer

Furman PM-8

Sennheiser Digital 1000 w/ Rack Adapter

SansAmp RBI (replaced with a PSA-1 last week)

TC Electronic Triple-C Compressor

Yamaha CP2000 2000-watt Poweramp

Soon to add a Mod Pro to that empty space.


That's what I'm talking about... do you have any problems with it not being shockmounted?

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Shows? Unfortunately my life sucks at the moment and I've never actually been in a band that stayed together long enough to play shows. Pretty pathetic, huh?


I just do this for myself. The Strategy has no problems handling the loudest of drummers with that cabinet though.

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Originally posted by Maggot Brain

That's what I'm talking about... do you have any problems with it not being shockmounted?



Dude you are so much better off doing a few smaller racks than a giant rack... anything over 8 spaces. Especially if its not a small and light rack like SKB. I know SKB racks totally suck and do not offer any real protection... thats why I use them... well not really. Its all about portability to me. I had a 16 space, a 10 Space and an 8 space at one point or another and it was a total pain in the ass to move and set up. I like the SKB racks because they are smooth and fit in a car eazy and the handles are in a great location and don't {censored} up your wrists like the other racks with those suck ass butterfly handles. The likelyhood of dropping an SKB rack is so slim as opposed to losing control of a weighty rack on some tricky stairs. I have also designed a strapping system that locks, quite neatly, my 4 space and 6 space down on top of my Marshall 412.


There are many ways to effectivly rack so weigh all your options before you start the rack journey... it will save you time and money.

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Originally posted by Maggot Brain

That's what I'm talking about... do you have any problems with it not being shockmounted?



Never had a problem yet. Never dropped it onto the ground, or out of the back of the truck, or anything else stupid either though. I typically carry my own gear, and it's got to fit in the back of my MX-6 when I don't feel like driving the van... so shockmount is out of the question for me currently.


The worst this stuff has seen: I was wheeling my two 2x10 cabinets and both racks on a handtruck through a bumpy parking lot (dirt/rocks, no pavement). Hit a dip and the whole stack fell right over. Took quite a hit, right on the corner of the rack case (the racks were on top of the cabs). Everything worked great when I (hesitantly) powered it all up; my 9V adapter for my Sennheiser fell out of the Furman though.


I don't think I'd fly them in these cases, even though they're ATA-300 approved.


Also, that 6U rack is heavy as {censored}, with the Yammie poweramp weighing around 39 pounds on its own I believe. I bought the 4U to put the poweramp and drawer in, but the drawer weighs almost as much as the Yamaha... it was like moving a solid steel block with only one handle!

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Current Rig;

Furman AR-1215 AC Line Regulator

Lexicon MPXG2

Engl 930/60 Poweramp

Lexicon MPX R1 MIDI Controller

Engl Tube Toner Preamp

SKB 6-space Roto Rackmount Case

Splawn 4 x 12 (2 G12H's, 2 Vintage 30's)


Near Future Upgrades;

Engl 530 preamp

2-space rack drawer

12-space shock mounted rack case

Additional Splawn 4 x 12 (2 G12H's, 2 G12T-75's)


Distant Future Upgrades;

Alembic F-2B preamp (clean tones)

Rocktron All Access MIDI Controller

Axess Electronics RX1 Router/Switcher

Rack Shelf w/effects


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Here's mine:



Eventide Eclipse


Rocktron Super C

BBE 882

VHT Two/Fifty/Two

Furman AR-1215


This is packed into a Mesa Boogie 8U SUS-4 rack.






Ernie Ball 6166 Expression

DMC Ground Control

DMC Pedal Power 2

Boss TU-2 Tuner

Sennheiser Digital Wireless

Axess BS-2 Buffer

Teese RMC-3 Wah




Purple Marshall 1960 AV

2 Rocktron S-112



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I know this is supposed to be "Girlie" racks but i have a 14 space rack case & from the top down it contains.


Furman PL 8 plus

Korg DTR-1000 tuner

Rocktron guitar silencer

GCX switching system

Pedal tray containing boss flange, delay & chrous

Sennheiser digital 1000 wireless

Mesa boogie dual recto rackmount


Eventually i'll add another dual recto rack mount as a back up.


all switching is done by a ground control pro.



I have a bbe 482 that has very little use for sale 75.00 plus shipping.

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I have a pretty "girly" rig in terms of size, but I like it a lot.


6 spaces from the top down:


Eventide Orville

Pedal tray with a homemade TS-808, Boss Bluesdriver, MXR Dynacomp, and Framptone ABY/buffer.

Sound Sculpture Studio Switchblade


All hooked up to my Shiva 1x12 combo. Pretty simple but very effective for me.:D

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Mine's girly for the moment as I've had to put gear purchases on hold now that I'm at University. I don't even have it here :(


8U case


Samson power conditioner

Mesa Quad

Mesa 20/20


My POD pro sometimes lives in the rack case and I was considering using it as a second preamp but I think I've decided against it.


My ultimate rig would use the Quad in conjunction with either a Laney VH100R or the TT50H (haven't had a chance to try it) and would switch between the Laney and the Mesa's pres - both going through the Laney's power section :cool:

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Here's a pic that's kind of old. The rocktron ProQ was sold off, and the second Ada Mp-1 on top of the rack has replaced it in the rack, this one is on it's way to being modded by Trace.



Ada mp-1 x2

Rocktron Patchmate

Rocktron Intelliverb

Mesa Triaxis


Lil' guys on top

BBE 264R

Sound Sculpture Abcadabra


There's some hefty rigs in here, If you can get the tone with a smaller rack then by all means. Hey Tuv, would love to see some pics, sounds killer. I actually have had this skb shockrack for a long long time and it's been really good to me, they aren't the greatest but I have to say this ones been a good one. The supports haven't budged a bit, totally full for years. Cool thread





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