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Need Help Controlling all Effects Processors...


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I wanted to know if there is an easier way to connect all my gear.

I currently use a ADA-mp1 and another MP1 modded, G-Major, Intellifex, BBE 482, Peavey Kosmos Pro, VAMP pro bass, EQ in both my Guitar/Bass rig, but also use it for my home studio recording based on the AKAI DPS16.


I wanted to connect everything in a way that I do not have to unplug/plug/unplug everytime I have to use something for either the Guitar, Bass or Recording......


I'm about to add a GTR-4000 to this rig and get rid of the Intellifex...


Please help....

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You need a patch-bay/switching system.


A GCX or Switchblade are the most popular ones around here.


You can have all your equipment hooked up, but then choose which items are active at a given time and the order of the devices in the chain.




I'd think about keeping the Intellefix a little while longer. I've had the Intellefex for 4 years now and a couple months back, I pickup up a G-Major as well. I haven't had a lot of time messing with the G-Major yet, but I can tell right away that the Intellifex is a better unit for Delay and Reverb.


I bought the G-Major for an "All-In-One" FX unit, since the Intellifex only does a few things, but I think I'm going to keep the Intellifex in the rack for at the very least, Reverb and the HUSH.


It's not a terribly expensive piece of equipment and it's probably worth keeping around. Especially if you decide to build a second rig. I see you are doing Bass as well, and you'll probably want a second setup.

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