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LOOK!!Pics of my Rack

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Here's mine, it's like your rack's younger brother :)

I'm waiting for a samson PB11 power conditioner, and the engl z7 midi interface for the poweramp.

Actually, now I have the rack on two 4U cases, one with only the 930/60... It weights a ton!

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Hey guys thanks for all replies!

Well there are many Questions but i try to answer them all.


Bstaley:Well about the JMP1 a long time i thought about that too!

Do i really need it.

But i can tell you one thing.I always wanted to have a Sound like the Pumpkins or A perfect circle.

The ENGL 580 and the JMP1 are so different.

The JMP1 to me sounds raw and dirty.The ENGL on the other Hand

is very versatile and way more powerful.

I thought it could be a sweet alternative for the ENGL!


Dark Cide: Well the High Gain Tones are very tight and clear.

No Mud at all.But one Thing i noticed the ENGL is very Noisy in High Gain Settings compared to other Preamps.


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hurnsradi and ent: yes, I'm very satisfied with it. The more I get to use it, the more I like it :) It's not as versatile as your rack (the 580 is awesome), but it gets all those tones I was expecting to get, from sparkling clean tones to really distorted heavy tones, those tones I always wanted to get from the marshalls I used to play, and never could.

As hurnsradi said about the 580, I think it sounds very harmonized, the high gain settings sound pretty smooth, not harsh and not muddy, and I love its sound. I don't find it noisy, even with the gain all the way up, though I've read people complaining about it... either I was lucky, or engl changed something (mine was bought in July, IIRC).

In the end, I don't think it sounds like a marshall (thankfully) or a mesa. It has it's own tone, which was one of the reasons I bought it.

I'm still exploring it though, so I can either get to love it more, or start hating it (I doubt it ;) )


Duke of Metal: I think the 930/60 is just awesome. I believe it has as much power as one needs (it has way more than I do!), I haven't set it's volume over 8 o'clock on rehearsals (and my drummer is pretty loud). I haven't gigged with it yet, though.

Tonewise, it sounds very "full" and warm. You can really feel the bottom end (and switch it on and off), but obviously using a 4x12 closed back influences it, and it clearly delivers your preamp sound, only better. The fan is pretty silent (as much as a fan that size can be).

I'm not even going to mention its features... The fact that it can run on one tube lets me pretty confident when I get to gig with it, and having 2 inputs will allow me (as soon as the midi interface arrives) to bypass totally the g-major when I'm not using any effects (90% of the time), avoiding A/D/D/A conversion.


All in all, I recomend anyone interested in either the pre or the poweramp to try them first. As an old friend once said, describing tone is like describing a perfume, it's a matter of taste. I love it, you may hate it.




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