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Lexicon MPX 100/110....?

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Originally posted by whammy boy67

How are these units? They seem like they go for cheap money and I've been looking for a delay/reverb unit that won't color my tone when used with my MP-1. Also, can you access presets with MIDI? None of the descriptions seem clear on this. Thanks!

- Erich





I have one in my rack, with a marshall jmp1. I thinks it's very good for the money, and very light. Delays and reverbs sound very good to me, and they don't colour the tone.


Yes you can acces all presets with MIDI but the program changes are very slow :-(


You can also acces, with MIDI, to other functions like TAP the tempos for the delays, bypass, mix...


16 user presets... Digital output...


I think it's more powerful than it looks like (It's a Lexicon, but the fact that it has no digital display could make you think it's very basic, but i think it's ok)


Chorus sounds good. Yesterday i accidentally selected a "Detune" preset, and it sounded very good as an alternative to the chorus.


It's very easy to work with it. If you are looking for a simple unit with quality sounds, and you like Lexicon's reputation... Try this unit.



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