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UK SPAM: Rack System - ADA Peavey Furman

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I've spent the last year trading up to a rack system in the vain hope of improving both the voicing and playability of my rig, but the lack of a really good preamp keeps letting me down. Frankly, I don't have the energy any more to keep doing this. My band is practically on hold until I can get my rig sorted, and I can't be arsed waiting around any longer for the good US preamps like Egnater's and Randall's to doggy-paddle across the Atlantic to Blighty. I'm going to get a Deluxe Reverb and invest the rest in my FX switching (I hope to get a Switchblade).


So I am selling the lot. If I can't sell the system in one, I'll put the items up on eBay separately. Email or PM me if interested in anything here. Thanks.



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