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What does an H&K Metal Shredder sound like?

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Originally posted by HELSTRUME

Anybody ever try one?



Like a generic Marshall with very tight low-end response. Plenty of EQ to flavor it for boom, grind or scream. LOTS of gain available. You can swap in different tubes as long as they are compatible with 12AX7s. I currently have a GE5751 and RCA 12AX7A in mine, and this combination was smoothest of all I tried. The original cheapo Chinese tubes were also excellent (?!?!) but it didn't like Sovteks much, and JJs were just OK.


Makes a decent little practice gizmo into an 8ohm speaker or headphones. At clean, low settings I've used it happily as a bass guitar preamp. You can also use it as a "stompbox" style preamp in front of a clean amp, but it's tricky to get the gain and volume settings consistent. It uses a simple in/out footswitch to switch itself in or out of the signal path.


The Metal Master and Metal Shredder are supposed to be identical.

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