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Old vs. New Midimate

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One of the other guitarists in my band bought a Rocktron Midimate off of ebay, and in the picture it was the newer model (with the white buttons) but when it came in the mail it was the older, red one. Is there only a cosmetic difference between the two controllers or did Rocktron update the specs when the new one came out?


I only briefly read through his manual and is seems like the old Midimate can only send three program changes at once,but I'm not positive. I'm not familiar with the controller and only skimmed the manual. I'm positive that the new one can send six program changes at once, though.


I'm also not sure but it seems like the third mode, controller mode, works differently on the old one. On the new one it's a mode where the bottom row is presets and the top is instant on/offs, but on the old one I think that all ten buttons were instant on/offs. Can anyone help me out here? If he got ripped off he'll have to complain to the seller right away.



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