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Replacing the AC Cable on my Voltage Reg. w Evidence Audio The Source cable...

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I apologize ahead of time for cross posting boards -


This weekend I finally hunkered down and banged out all the wiring on my rack. Lyric and Source for the inisde of my rack - looks and sounds great.


Well I finally got to the Voltage Regulator (Furman AR1215) Took it apart and there are terminal disconnects on the old neutral and hot - ground has a tab soldered to it and is lugged down to the chassis. So I start thinking - solder or terminal disconnect the new cable? I tried to do the terminal disconnect thing for sake of convenience and what they had. For those that don't know - the Source is 8 conductor cable (4 neutrals, 4 hot, 1 grnd) and I could not get all 4 conductors in the terminal disconnect - even tried twisting all 4 pairs.


I ended up soldering the cable, BUT could only fit one conductor through the tab inside the voltage regulator. I then had to solder those 3 conductors to said cable that made it through the tab. I did this for hots as well.


It fires up fine. When I first turned it on, it's in voltage was 125 - something I've never seen in my house though I don't do much work in the garage. Went inisde - same thing - so now i'm thinking great it's {censored}ed. I'm hoping I was on the same circuit cause I plugged into a different outlet and suddenly it's in voltage was 120. Weird...


Do you think this will be all right? Should I have only sent one conductor into the disconnect terminal and used those? I might not be as worried but EVERYTHING in my rack uses this for power. Thank you much in advance for the advice...


Rai //

Farewell Radiance

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