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G Major = pretty cool unit!

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I posted this in the effects forum too, but I'm posting it here too:


I played the G Major for about two hours last night at Guitar Center. I have to say I was very impressed! The reverb and delays were amazing. The chorus and tremolo (tap tempo too!) were awesome. The phaser was different than what I expected but really cool. The flangers were kind of weak at least in the presets. I didn't really get into the whammy/octaves/filter sounds too much, but there were some pretty interesting presets. The effects don't sound analog, but that doesn't mean they sound bad by any stretch. They just sound different. They are very high quality, crisp and clear. They don't sound digital either. I really liked it.


The best part about the unit is that it really is transparent. I spent a lot of time just turning the G Major on/off and listening for any differences. If there was any coloration it was so subtle that I couldn't hear it. The natural sound of your guitar and amp come through and the G Major just enchances it with effects - however subtle or intense you choose. I'm so used to using really crappy multiFX units that completely destroy your tone - the G Major was a breath of fresh air.


So I finally made up my mind to go rack! SPAM ME with anything in my sig if you've got it for sale!

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