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JMP-1 and 3630 Compressor

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I know a few of you out there have the JMP-1 and Alesis 3630 compressor combo going on.


I just (today) received an Alesis Nano Compressor. It was super-cheap so I figured I'd take a chance on it sounding similar to the 3630 since I don't have an empty rack space to spare for the full-rack width unit.


What settings (numerical) are you using to make the JMP-1 really sing?


Nano Comp controls (left to right)

Threshold (-40 to +8)

Ratio (1:1 to inf:1)

Attack (0.1ms to 200ms)

Release (50ms to 3s)

Output (-24 to +24)


Also has buttons for:

compression type (soft or hard)

Peak or RMS




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First, do you know what a compressor does?


It takes any signal above the Threshold and reduces its strength by a certain amount.


The Ratio is the amount of compression applied - the #dB input required to to output 1 dB.


Attack is how fast the compressor kicks in - longer attacks help preserve some of the initial attack of a sound.


Release is how long the compressor is engaged after being triggered.


Output is pretty self-explanatory.


The amount of compressioin you'll want to use will probably depend on the particular patch you're using. If it even does anything at all, compression probably won't sound very good on heavily distorted guitar, since the method used to achieve distortion is more or less a very severe form of compression.


Using a light compression (high threshold, low ratio (


Play around with it.



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Go ask HC board member Billy Corgan. I think he has that gear for reasons as obvious as his name.


I've actually got an Alesis compressor that came as part of a package deal with a Sansamp PSA-1. I haven't taken the time to set it up and am also curious on the recommended usage.



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Originally posted by saxamafone

actually we used heaps of compression on our heavy guitars in the studio and it made them sound much thicker and bigger


Just out of curiosity, is the comp between the guitar and the preamp/amp input -- or -- is it after the preamp before the power amp?

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