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SPAM: Rack Gear

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im parting with my digitech 2101(fully upgraded and just got brand new jj tubes) comes with control one and midi cable



carvin t-100 stereo tube poweramp

can be set 50 watts stereo or 100 watts mono

has built in cooling fan

el34 tubes

has independent presence knob for each channel



Rocktron Voodu valve

orignal with online software upgrade



Rocktron velocity 1x12 cabinet

sounds huge for a 1x12

$150 obo


Digitech Rp20

$200 obo


peavey 4x12ms cab

pick up only (toronto area)



2 space soft rack case

will throw this in with any purchase if wanted

or $25 by itself


all prices are usd and negotiable

im selling all my gear because im going back to a combo amp and stompboxes

i love the quality of the rack gear, but theres too much versatility for me and i often find myself tweaking my sound instead of playing


not really interested in trades, im pretty much set except i need an amp, but im probably going to buy a used one at a local shop


email or pm if your interested

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