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preamp for home recording (jmp-1 vs. VooDu)

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Originally posted by BillyCorgan

One of Filter's albums was done with the JMP-1 and the Microcab. I'd go that route but i'm biased to the JMP-1 since it's still in my rack.



I think ALL of Filter's records have been done with the JMP-1.


...but they actually use the ADA Ampulator, not the Microcab.


Despite this, the Microcab is very cool.



I record with my JMP-1 direct using it's speaker emulated outputs. I've impressed people with the tone all on it's own w/o an external speaker sim.

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Hi there. I have the following setting that includes a JMP 1:



Ibanez 420 Custom Made.

Fender Mex Strat with EMG pickups.

Epiphone Nighthawk



Boss PW10 Wah >>>

Lexicon MPXG2 In >>


Y Chord >>

VoodooModded ADA MP1 AND Marshall JMP1 >>>

Boss LS2 Mixer >>>

BBE 482 >>>

Rocktron Hush Super C >>>

Lexicon MPXG2 RETURN >>>



Behringer Returns >>> Super G Cab Sims.



The JMP speaker simulator is very nice. You can get very nice sounds from the Unit. Although for high gain you might need an Overdrive to push it a little harder and give you a little more of sustain.

I have heard that the VoodooValve is a very nice preamp, with nice effects and nice EQ. High gain is not a problem. But is nice to have a gold plated rack unit as the JMP

BUT the JMP with the addition of the ADA sounds just sweet. They complement very well each other. The ADA gives you the sustain and nice high gain settings while the JMP can be used clean to give you better chord and note deffinition, and when used in OVD2 gives you a better rounded tone, so much fuller than each unit used alone.

Email me if you want some clips.

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