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anyone like the zoom 9150?

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does anyone like this preamp/multi FX rack unit?


i have one and i think its great but i'm not to experienced in different units so i was wondering if anyone has used them, what they think of it.


currently i'm running the zoom 9150 preamp in a rack with a boss noise gate and a wireless reciever. I run this into the effects loop on a jcm900 dual reverb which is set to the clean channel and this is run into a custom built quad box.


out the front i run a MXR noisegate/linedriver a wah and a Boss SD-1 which is set on level = 10 gain = 0.


does this sound like a decent rig? I'm thinking of maybe selling the jcm 900 head and replacing it with a marshall poweramp or maybe i'll just sell both the zoom and head and buy a 5150 or something.


anybody got any input on my setup?


thanks guys



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