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Thon rack cases

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Just get an A&S, those own

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Originally posted by MasterOfSolos

Anyone know if these are good or bad?

They seem decently priced, and I know the whole 'you get what you pay for' but I can't see myself moving about much, if ever, my rack.

Are they decent? Even heard of them?


I was thiking about it, but finally got a gator becouse of the weight .


The thon looks very good to me, and they do it to your exact specs. You can choose the depth, if you want a rear rail, the number of handles... everything. But the one I wanted was around 10 kg.


I think they are done for or by




and thats an online shop i recommend becouse they are fast, serious and reasonable priced (Best deals I've seen around here)


OH!!!!! And you can pay when you get the goods, not before!!! (And with a 30 days money back guarantee)


They also make power conditioners, rack lamps, drawers... all of them look good (They are germans ;-))

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