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RSP Intelliverb same as Rocktron Iverb?

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As far as I know they are not exactly the same unit. The difference as I know it is in the power supply. The RSP, the better one IMO, has the big ass 2.5 amp 5 pin DIN power supply which makes a huge difference in headroom and overall tone. They are the same in that they contain the same algorithms and presets. I could be wrong but if memory serves correct, they made a later version with a smaller 9Volt power supply... anyone want to clear this up for me?

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RSP was rocktron's studio line. All of those original designs(Intelliverb, Intellifex and such) were created back before Rocktron was bought out by GHS.


The company ISP Technologies, are the original crew and creators of rocktron and all of it's designs. You know the guys that make the decimator noise reduction units....


First off, there's a lot more differences.


Virtual Room reverb algorithm..... the intellifex does not have this algorithm, it has about 50 parameters within the reverb algo itself(not including the mixer and other parameters)


Where as the intellifex only has like 13-16 parameters within the reverb algorithm.



The intelliverb had longer delay times within it's delay algos, 8 voice chorus algo, and pitch shift ones as well. than the regular Intellifex ).


Intelliverb delay times:

2 tap: 2500 ms

ping pong: 1250 for each delay(delay 1, delay2)

stereo: 1250 for each delay(delay 1, delay2)


Intellifex Delay times:

2 tap: 1500 ms

ping pong: 750 for each delay(delay 1, delay2)

stereo: 750 for each delay(delay 1, delay2)


The intelliverb 8 voice chorus is slightly different with longer delay times as well



better headroom thanks to monster power supply and better power interface. It came with a 2000ma power supply.


ACTUALLY, Rocktron has put the intelliverb manual online finally!!!!, look for yourself:



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