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Can a Rocktron Replifex Switch a 3 Channel Head ?

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Im thinking of buying a Marshall TSL100


I have a Rocktron Replifex that i bought years ago & never really used because I dumped most of my rack gear.


Just wondering if it can switch a 3 channel head.

from the instructions it can be usd with a Rocktron Sidewinder

Pre Amp that has 3 chennels !


Thats whats got me thinking ,if I can use it on a TSL

or is the amp's switching too complicated ?

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I forgot about this thread

I have since bought a Non Master JCM 800.

Its my first Non Master amp.No FX Loop etc

I have always liked mulit channel amps , so i thought i'd try something different.


I still might try the replifex with the 800 & some pedals !



But its always good to know what you FX units can do . For other amps I'll get down the track.

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