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Important question for you guys who are Rack and pedal knowledgable...

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I got this EQ pedal. It is a DOD FX40B 7band with level slider. I don't have any kowledge on EQ pedals...like whick is the best or stuff like that. Right now that is not a concern.


My question is this. I did get a good X-mas gift from my whole family. A Marshall Plexi head and Matching cab. It is a 68 to a 70 model...I am not sure. The 4x12 has greenbacks and it sounds killer. The best amp I have ever played.


With that said. I do need a THD HOTPLATE to play this puppy out. We do play huge venues outside and inside. But there are more actual small bars and club gigs we do too. So until I get one of those THD HOTPLATES to control the volume.....I was wondering the rack setup I am building.


I am almost completed with it. Still searching for the best preamp that suits me.


So right now I still am running the Rocktron Chameleon (original model) for the effects and preamp settings. Until I find the one I want.


If I run my guitar into the EQ then the Chameleons input...Will this be a good thing or a crappy sounding thig to do?


I notice on all the rack pics I see. Most of them have pedals for effects and stuff as well as a seperate signal processor like the TC electronics rack unit.


Here is the rack setup in its entirety.../


Furman Power conditioner


Korg digital tuner


Chameleon Preamp/processor ( thinking of a Bogner fish or JMP-1 Preamp)


Sonic Maximizer


Two Power amps. Incase one goes bad....Marshall EL34/ 100/100


And two Boogie cabinets


If I set a EQ pedal to go into the input of my Chameleon. Will that be in my favor or a problem for me?


See the Chameleon has this certain mid range frequency that is horrible. So I thought maybe the EQ pedal would bring that frequecy out...Or drop it a little.???


Any help or advice would be very cool. Thank you!



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Can I run a 7 band EQ infront of a preamp processor



yes, you can


..and if so...will it help round out the tone for the better or worse?



"better" and "worse" are just too subjective to answer really - try it, see if it gives you the sound you want

If it does - then it's for better

If it doesn't - it's for worse


it's fortunately (and unfortunately) as simple as that


I will sway that If you are using the preamp for distortion and such things, you are more likely to affect the character of that by running the EQ up front.

If you have specific issue with some "voicing" of f-response in another piece of equipment...you may want to consider putting the EQ near THAT piece of equipment (so as not to alter the coloration other pieces of equipment are giving the sound - esp distorting preamps)

you'll probably want it post - the effects unit altering the voicing (so that you are directly compensation as opposed to anticipating) , but you may be able to achieve what you want pre that unit to

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