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Mesa Recto Recording Pre My Views

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Mesa Recto Pre Views

I just got my mesa recto pre last night and im very happy with it.Before I begin my view of this amp Ill give a little background with me and the rectifier.


Ive owned a 95-96 2ch Dual rect and a 03 3ch dual rect.

My rack looks like this




4.Hush Super C

6.Rocktron Replifex

7-8.Recto Pre

9-10.Recto 2:100


That how I was using the amp but minus the 362.

I was runing the recto power thru a Mesa STD slant cab with V30's and a home built 2x12 with GT12-75's.


Im so happy that my move to rack is over.


Anyways Im very happy with the recto pre.1st thing that I noticed is the had the best cleans ive heard in any amp Ive every tried or heard.That included the Uberschall.You can get sparkling razor sharp jc-120 type cleans to blackface cleans to milky smooth uber cleans.And the headroom with the 2:100 is just amazing.When I bought the pre I was just expecting the cleans like my old dual head but this was just a amazing added bonus.Now for the dirty side.I was just hoping that it sounded pretty close to my old 3ch head and I would be happy but what came next what a suprize for me.My old 3ch I always wanted to have ch2 and ch3 three in the same mix for diffrent pros and cons for those channels.For one the Ch2 vintage channel I used in modern mode and it was my main dirty channel.It had lots of depth and balls but it wasnt very sharp and it didnt cut thru the mix verywell.Ch3 modern channel which I used in modern mode was sharp and crunchy and edgey but didnt have the depth that I wanted and sounded kinda of thin.The recto pre is my anser.In the ch2 modern mode or the pre I get everything I want which is crunch and enought highend to cut thru the mix and enought depth and bass to sound thick and chunky and balanced.I think they went a setup up trying to recreate the recto sound and ended up building a super recto with this package.Sorry for all the ranting but Im happy I made the right choice in selling my head and going rack and plus its alot eaiser to control and maintain.Let me know what you guys think.

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