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Which Buffer/Splitters are best for multiple pre-amps

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I have a multi pre-amp setup that I run into a line mixer.


I like having the versitility of many different pre-amp tones, and occasionaly like to run 2 or 3 of them mixed with effects into a line mixer.


My problem is when splitting my guitar signal between preamps, I lose signal quality and tone.


I'm sure that I need a good (read transparent) buffer and signal splitter..... and/or a guitar level distribution unit similar to the Radial JD7 unit, but the $700 bones for that gear is way beyond my current budget.


Any suggestions or alternatives ?


I've looked into the SwitchBone units and also the VooDoo Lab amp selector, and even the Valvulator.


Which is the better choice of these units, and what other units would you recommend ?




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What preamps do you have, and other units?

I too run 3 preamps in my rack, but I never run them at the same time.

I use a VHT Valvulator, then go into a GCX, then to a mixer.

I can run one or all three at a time if need be.

List your stuff.


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Uptown pedal pusher.


active one in - eight out buffered splitter


ebay $75-150:)


actually, there is an uptown great divide with a BIN of $299




these are much more advanced than the pedal pusher. I use a pedal pusher BTW. It is the half space unit in the top space of this rack.


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I wish I could claim that I own some of the top end gear that alot of the users of this forum have, unfortunately my cash flow hasn't allowed it lately. Champaign taste on a beer budget. Most of my rack gear was bought used (some ebay) and some was just given to me broken, which I repaired myself.


It's been a learning process, but I've made the best with what I have. I've been given many compliments on my sound, and seen many jaws drop in disbelief when I show them the gear I use. My rig sounds better to me than some others I have heard that cost the owner thousands more than what I have spent. I can get many great tones, but I'm still searching for my ultimate tone.


Here's my list of gear -


Top rack - 8U - homemade, black leather covering, not to brag, but it's very strong and looks pro built.


- Furman RackRider with rack lights - RR15

- Azden wireless rackmount unit - custom modded with a wireless bypass jack.

- Peavey ProFEX II (preamp and effects) - also custom modded.

- Peavey Rockmaster tube preamp

- Peavey MidiPro switcher (poor man's patchmate)

- Rocktron Pro G.A.P.

- DOD quad noise gate (used in high gain loops of Rockmaster)

- BBE 362 Sonic Maximiser (only used on ProFex II stereo outs)


Bottom rack - 10U - carpeted/casters - by Modern Case Company


- Yamaha MV802 - stereo line mixer

- Peavey EQ215 - (used in crunch & ultra loops of Rockmaster)

- Rocktron Pro Bass preamp (only used to record Bass lines)

- 2 Rocktron Hush IICX units (only 1 currently used)

- Roland GP8 - preamp and effects

- Peavey Classic 60/60 - stereo power amp

- 2 Scholtz Power Soaks in back of rack

- 2 Peavey EDI boxes for FOH feeds


Peavey ProFEX II Midi foot controller



- Peavey 412

- Behringer 412

- Homemade 212 ( with Bass speakers )



- BC Rich Warlock

- Ibanez RG440 (highly modified)

- Guild Burnside Warrior

- Ibanez Bass CT series


Crate XT120R - 120 watt 212 combo

Peavey Musician head - 300 watt SS ( bought new 26 years ago)


I am not currently in a band, so I use a Boss DR660 drum machine and a Yamaha MT120 4 track recorder. This way I can record my own backing tracks so I can practice leads and fine tune my timing.


The entire rack cost me less than $1000 to put together, not including guitars, cabs, or the combo. I still need to invest in some good cable and connectors so I can completely rewire my rack. Right now I'm using the cheap colored patch cables, but amazingly it still sounds good. No hum or ground noise at all.

Its dead silent when I'm not playing.


Let me know what you think.....Good or Bad !

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The main elements are the Valvulator to keep the level hot before the Rane and of course the Allen & Heath mixer to accomodate all the different sounds and blend them before the power amp. The Boss GT-6 + Mesa Recording Rectifier combination is new and for clean sounds I use this alone (B on the Switchbone) without all the other preamps. For distorted tones and lead I can use either A (all the other preamps)or Y (everything) on the Switchbone, with one more switch of the channel on the Mesa to get it on the high gain channel 2. With slight tweaks of the fader levels on the MixWizard, an amazing variety of great sounds just pour out. All the preamps are set for the best sounds I could possibly get out of them and then I dialed down the distortion a bit where by itself it would be a little bit weak, but in combination with the others it's great. I have been doing this since before the Vetta came out with the multiple model output. Once I started doing two, more was always better. Now the Rane is used up and I need to get another!! hehehe The sound I'm after is a combination of Opeth's "When" from My Arms Your Hearse and "The Master's Apprentices" from Deliverance. And I think it's incredible. I will post clips when I figure out Sonar, I tend to just play and never record.


Oh and yes I know I'm wasting the Flexi just using its power section only, but hey I can always just unplug it and use it alone very easily.

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Originally posted by THJams

Hey guitarslinger,

How do you like your Pedal Pusher?

Does it color your tone at all ?

I was close to getting one off ebay, but I got sniped during the last 5 seconds of the bid.



I love it. I tried to get another one and got sniped on it. The price for the pedal pusher is going through the roof. There is a gain level and a buffer level. SUpposedly, with these controls on zero, there should be no coloration, however, I dime the gain and use the hottest buffer setting. I am using mine to highly color my tone. Since I am only using one preamp, I go straight through the pedal pusher between the guitar and preamp. I would never plug in without it now.

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Cool.... I really want to check these pedal pushers out.


I looked into the Uptown Great Divide like you mentioned, But they seem to be a Line level splitter, not instrument level. I could be wrong as I cannot find any info or manuals for this anywhere.

I've tried Google and every other search I could think of.


If anybody has info... Please chime in.




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Originally posted by THJams

Hey GuitarSlinger......

Which preamp are you using with it, the ProGap or the MP-1 ?

Why not both ?



Since the pedal pusher is 1x8, I was, in fact using both preamps, with fairly interesting results. However, I found I liked the pro gap tone a lot more than the mp1. It turned into a situation like, "Why am I doing this?", "Am I just using multiple preamps because I can?":(


I found the pro gap ultra with the pedal pusher buffer and gain boost was the best tone around.;)

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Update and a correction.......


I looked into the Uptown Great Divide like you mentioned, But they seem to be a Line level splitter, not instrument level. I could be wrong as I cannot find any info or manuals for this anywhere

I found the manual for the Great Divide 2, and I was wrong. They can accept both instrument & line level inputs.

Here's a few spec's.


- Input range of -30dB to +21dB

- Up to 20dB gain on each input

- Buffered outputs

- Ground lift switch

- 1 in/8 out or dual 1x4 splits


So...... I just bought one on ebay today! :D

I can't wait to check it out.


Someone got sniped.:eek:



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