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problem with stuck patches on G-Major with DMC Ground Control

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I was organizing the patches on my G-Major which I control by a DMC Ground Control (Software V1.00 :( ) and ran into a strange problem.

I use the Ground Control in Bank-Mode, meaning I have patch 0 to 9 in each bank.

Until recently I didn't need more than 10 patches live so I didn't need to switch banks.

I wanted to copy my basic sounds (clean1, clean2, lead, crunch) onto patch 01,02,03,04 then 11,12,13,14 etc. and use the remaining buttons for unique sounds. So I opened and saved (G-Major) patch 01,02,03,04 to 11,12,13,14.


Here it comes, when I select 11 on my Ground Control, patch 03 from the G-Major gets activated, 12 opens 01 on the G-Major, and 13 & 14 select their corresponding patches (13 & 14) on the G-major.

I tried every available setup menu on the G-Major and Ground Control to fix this, but found nothing useful.

What am I doing wrong? :confused:


BTW, the G-Major is the only piece of MIDI equipment I use.


The only things I can find in the G-Major's menu's concerning MIDI are:


MIDI Channel (Off/1-16/Omni)

MIDI Program Change (On/Off)


Program Bank (External, Factory or User)

SysEx ID

Pedal Type (Momentary, Alternating or Expression-Volume)

Pedal Calibrate

Tuner Ref.

Tuner Mode (Fine/Coarse)

Send Tuner (On/Off)

MOD Master (Read/Ignore)

Tap Master (Preset/Tap)

Tap Unit (ms/BPM)

MIDI Clock (On/Off)

FX Mute (On/Off)

View Angle


So nothing about MIDI-Mapping (except for Channel and Program Change)...

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is it possible that you've set the patches on the ground control to send out the wrong program change number?


i had a simular problem when i added an older roland rack to my setup that would only work in omni mode, cos i had different devices been sent different program change numbers on the same patch, the omni rack got confused when it was been told to change to 4 different program numbers. i had to buy a convertor box that would take a specific specific channel and make it omni.

but then i sold it anyway.


hope that made some sense to you...

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