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Rack Gear using Engl Powerball HELP!

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Hey guys,


new to the forum. I asked this in the amp section but nobody really gave me any help. So I thought I would try here.


I've got some rack gear and I am having problems using it. Here is what I have so far.


Engl Powerball

Engle Vintage 4X12 cab

Furman Power conditioner

Engl Z-11 switcher

TC electronics G-major

DBX 2 channel 31 band EQ.

Voodoo labs Ground Control Pro midi footswitch.

I am pretty sure I have everything hooked up right. But I can't seem to put it all together. Maybe it is a programming thing? I don't know.

Here is how I have it hooked up

Powerball output goes into Stereo input jacks on back of Z-11

fx output of PB to mono in on G-major,

Mono out of G-major to input of EQ,

output of EQ to Return of FX on powerball

Ground Control Pro goes midi out to midi in on Z-11. Midi thru on Z-11 goes to midi in of the G-Major.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


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