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Help! Amp making weird noises!

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Ok, so my setup is as follows: Ibanez RG ->Rocktron Piranha Preamp->Peavey 60/60 power amp->g-flex 2x12


I replaced the power and preamp tubes in the 60/60 fairly recently. Now heres the problem--whenever i crank my amp, afterwards a horrible growling sound is coming out of the speakers. While i'm playing i cant hear it but when I stop playing, it is just terrible sounding. Makes sounds like rumbling and popping. Once I turn off the amp and turn it back on, the sound overpowers everything and none of my playing is heard.


This happened to me before after I replaced the tubes, and I just opened up my poweramp and wiggled the tubes a bit. When I tried it again everything was fine


This only happens when I really push the amp (jamming situations). Right now its at the point where I can't hear anything besides the noise, but i want to see if theres a better solution than wiggling my tubes. Thanks

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