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Marshall 20/20 + Palmer Help Please

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Hi everyone,


I would appreciate some expert help please!!

My new set-up is JMP-1, Lexicon MX-200, Marshall 20/20 and Palmer PGA-04 straight into PA desk. The 20/20 arrived yesterday and I went to try it all last night, that's when I realised that the Palmer only has one input, the 20/20 needs both channels to be loaded.


I need a speaker simulator that will take both channels. Will 2 x H & K Red boxes do the job, or is there anything else you would recommend?


Many Thanks



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Red box is NOT a load device, just speakersim. So that's not a solution for you.


FYI a friend runs his 20/20 for 4 years now on a single cab with only one side connected. He switches the sides now and then, but his 20/20 has no problem with it, as it seems.


But a load is always better. There are several solutions:

* Turn volume down and don't connect that side

* Remove the power tubes from the unused side (SAFE !!)

* Buy another (simple) load device (SAFE!!)

* DIY a (simple) load with resistors (SAFE as long as do it right)



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