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How do I run a amp Head for power?

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I was wondering. Can I run a amp head for power to run a rack setup?


If so...How? The head I have is unknown...But it is set up like a Marshall Plexi....Single channel. No distortion. Just two EL34 power tubes and two 12AX7 preamp tubes.


But there is no Send/return loop.....Just two inputs in the front. How can I run just the power from this amp....But bypass the preamp tubes?


I have seen rack setups with marshall heads in them for power. Are they using the bass mids and trebles for extra EQing? Any help would be great.


I could really use some helpfull advice.

So what I have is a rack setup and no power. I am hoping this unknown amp head will do it. It is 50watts....By itself it is SUPERLOUD.....MARSHALL LOUD!


Help me out here. I don't want to blow up what I have already!





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You only have one option....

That is to run into the input...

But keep all your outputs off until you're plugged in, then adjust to the amps input....

You can also pull the 12AX7's and change them to 12AT's etc(low gain pre tubes...

The other option is to have the amp modded with a loop and use the return...


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