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Foot controllers for ADA, Piranha, and a couple of Yamaha proc's

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Hi, I'm dead ignorant in MIDI stuff, but I need a foot controller. I want to call up presets out of my midi devices like ADA MP-1, Rcktrn Prnha and Yamaha spx 90 and perhaps some other digiral midi processors. I did find a few models on sale on eBay, but I don't know which model can suit my needs better, or let's say, I'm afraid that they can prove to be incompatibe.


- Rocktron Midimate

- ADA MC-1 (isn't on sale actually, just an example)

- Yamaha MCF-06

- Yamaha MFC-10

- MIDI-?????????? Roland FC-200

- behringer 1010 (very expenisve one)



ok, so I strongly need your advice.



Thanks in advance as always.:)

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check out the comparison chart PDF file on the different controllers.


What you need to consider is how many MIDI units on different MIDI channels you are going to control. On many of the cheaper footcontrollers, you will have to set all your rack units to a common MIDI ch.


The Behringer controls up to 5 different MIDI units (looks like you already have three). With the two built in expression pedals, the FCB is the best bang-for-the buck, esp.used.


The Rocktron MIDI mate apparently is easier to program with similar specs but only exp pedal input.



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