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Midi Problem: GC Pro meets Axess CFX4

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to configure some of my instant access switches on my Ground Control Pro to send the appropriate control change message to switch amp channels using my Axess CFX4.


For a few years now i have been using my CFX4 in program change mode, with a band that required i had preset patches for everything in the set, and nothing more. Now i have set up the rig at home and want to explore how flexible it can be, as well as make it easier just to pick up and start making music, not just re-iterating what is already programmed.


my current setup is as follows:


Guitar->GCX (Loop 1 Univibe, Loop 2 Experience Fuzz, Loop 3 Fulltone Supa-trem, Loop 4 Bypass switch for TC M-one)


The GCX goes into a Mesa Nomad 45 head with the M-One in the loop (just for reverb and delay), then into recto 4x12.


As you see, i'm not using loops 5-8 which gives me 4 instant access buttons left to potentially switch the channels on my head (i hope) using the CFX4.


I have read all of the availible manuals on the equipment i have and am at my wit's end with regards to control changes.






the last leroy

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In your Ground Control Pro, have you turned on GCX#2?


CFX4 set to CC3 mode, which will be loops 1-4 of GCX#2...should be as simple as that.


If that doesn't work, check the chip in your GCX. It should be vesrion 2.0, not 1.0.


Finally, I am not sure if your amp responds to latching or momentary switching. Most amps are latching, but there's a different set of CC messages for each. Your CFX4 manual shows what they are.

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Thank You!!!


I had been trying to set it up under CC2 with GCX #1 loops 5-8, but i guess the signal was being confused somewhere along the way because i was actually connected to GCX #1!!!


I've got the CFX4 responding now, but i have one more question.... it might not have an answer though:


The CFX4 is set up to use control function (or switch hereafter) #1 and #2 to switch my amp head. Switches 3 and 4 are used to activate spring reverb and solo boost functions on the head. The end result with a three channel head being that a COMBINATION of switches 1&2 are needed to activate channels 1, 2 and 3:


switch 1 on= channel 1 always on regardless of switch 2 on/off

switch 2 on= channel 3 on if switch 1 is off

no switches on=channel 2 on


So now I am wondering if it might be possible (through the magic of MIDI) to configure my Ground Control Pro to have instant access buttons that would behave like an amp channel switcher, like this:


GCP button #5= Amp channel 1

GCP button #6= Amp channel 2

GCP button #7= Amp channel 3

GCP button #8= Solo boost


I guess it may be impossible, because the buttons on the GCP wouldn't de-activate when i changed channels; like channel 1 button wouldn't go out when i press on channel 2..... don't know.


The spring reverb in the amp will go unused, but i wasn't using it anyways.


I don't have the faintest idea on how to program this, or if it's even possible. Maybe someone knows their way around a GCP and the Axess stuff a little better and can offer some insight?? PLEASE????


Truly a problem for the ages,

the last leroy

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