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Tonker in a open back cab

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Last night we replaced the Governor in my buddy's Bravo with a Eminence Tonker. I know the speaker has to 'break-in' but the clean channel just sang with chime and 3D. The amount of tight low end from this combo was just incredible, on both channels. I was never a fan of the Bravo in combo form, I've tried the alnico Tone Tubby, Celestion Seventy/80, EVM 12L and the Governor. The Governor just sounded weak in the Bravo similar to a Celestion V30 in a open back cab. The Tone tubby was probably my fave but at $250 a speaker, it costs more than the amp. Even the mighty and heavy EVM12L sounds anemic in an open back compared to it's proper Thiele home.

The Tonker is by far the best speaker I've tried for this situation. I bet it would sound great in any open back combo or cab. I wonder if the lowend will be too overpowering in a closed back cab though.




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